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    Spray Tanning Keywords Used in Spray Tanning Industry

    Spray Tanning Tech’s Help and Advice Forum and ask the girls and member of the group to throw keywords at me they associated with the spray tanning, self tan or anything to do with the fake tan industry, and wow what a response I received. Thanks Summer Marie - I hope you read my spray tan keyword blog and think: ‘Wow, I set Lisa a challenge!’, and I bet you laughed a little bit as you posted the key words back on the forum. Well, I hope I have done you proud and thank you to all the other ladies that responded to my post.

    So what are the spray tanning keywords that you ladies on the spray Tanning Tech Forum threw at me, giving me the challenge to discuss every single one? Well, here is the long list, and I will try my very best to include each and every one:

    So as you can clearly see I have a massive blog challenge on my hands... I will write about the sunless tanning industry and mention every one of these words somehow/in someway……so here goes...!

    Most spray tan solutions are bronze in colour, which is also commonly known as the "colour guide", giving you an instant bronze appearance. The instant bronze appearance also acts as a guide for spray tan therapists. When I teach I use the phrase, ‘Spray It, See it, Chase it’, referring to the “colour guide”. As you pull the trigger of your spray tan gun, you spray the solution, you see it appear on the skin, and then you chase the guide colour down the body. If there is no guide colour to be seen, enabling you to almost chase the guide down the body, then you are either too far away from the client’s body, or you have not got the gun turned up enough. Seeing the guide colour will increase the confidence of any spray tan therapist, because she can physically see the application of the tan and will automatically give the client a sunkissed, golden, glow to the skin. By choosing a spray tan, you are making a safe choice, with NO UVA rays, which are harmful and damaging to the skin. It’s better to ‘Spray it, Fake It, Love it’, rather than Fake N Bake your precious skin. Choosing a professional spray tan therapist (maybe she is called Stellar or Cali- sorry this is the only possible way I could fit these key words in!), means you will probably eliminate the chances of ending up with a fake orange tan.

    Have faith and please don't worry - your professionally trained, spray tan therapist will most likely have no issues with nudity; she or he is a professional, and will only be concerned with the fact that you want your white bits tanned! Your spray tan therapist will either work from home or a salon, or have a mobile business, and will be using professional equipment such as the new Allure Spray Tan Machine.

    Allure Spray Tan Machine Allure Spray Tan Machine








    Let’s hope her Spray Tan tent is the TAN IN TENT, the new spray tan cubicle that instantly inflates and goes in the washing machine and the tumble-dryer after use, meaning it’s clean and hygienic and free from spray tan overspray


    Sticky Feet or Sole Savers

    Spray Tan Sole Savers Spray Tan Sole Savers

    will be provided, these will stop the soles of your feet grabbing the spray tan solution. Soles of the feet are generally dry and will take on the spray tan colour - a real tell-tale sign that you have had a sunless spray tan. Disposable bras, disposable spray tan thongs and barrier cream will all be provided, along with a mask, and if this is your first time having a sunless spray tan, then a patch test and a full consultation is highly recommended. Your therapist will then be able get an understanding of what you’re looking for. Giving you a fake looking Darque Tan when you actually wanted a sunkissed, natural looking tan is not the way forward - a consultation will eliminate this and will give you a customised sunless tanning experience

    Spray Tan Pink Nitrile Gloves Spray Tan, Disposable Gloves
    Spray Tan Nose Filters Spray Tan Nose Filters


    Spray Tan Disposable Knickers Spray Tan Disposable Knickers
    Spray Tan Disposable Hair Cap Spray Tan Disposable Hair Cap











    You should walk out with a glimmer in your eyes, as the spray tan starts to develop on your face making the whites of your eyes shimmer and glisten like the ocean. You should sport no bum crease, and feel like a beach babe or a Bahama mama with your Million Dollar tan. A spray tan not only gives you confidence to wear some of your more extreme outfits, but it also has a slimming effect. By applying a light moisturising lotion to the skin, it also gives your body a soft sheen, sparkle and lustre.  With your gorgeous elite spray tan (only you and your therapist know it’s not an Australian tan, just a spray tan made in a Sun Lab), you’re a pure beach bunny, ready for ‘Planet Beach’ or the West Coast, sipping coconut juice through a straw and feeling like a VIP with your brown bunz (sorry ladies!) It may even turn you into a tanaholix because you know it’s the safe option! Spray tan all the way!

    If you have a professional spray tan therapist – whether she has her own Co. or works for a sunless Inc. firm, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re getting your tan done by a professional who knows what she’s doing.  You’ll also get that So Cal look every time!

    That’s it ladies - I think I have done every keyword! Thank you, I have loved every minute of this.

    Lisa Young

  • Will I still get a Tan after having a Sunless Spray Tan?

    Will I still get a Tan after having a Sunless Spray Tan?

    The answer to this is definitely yes, and with temperatures soaring today and parts of the UK being hotter than Ibiza and New York, the harmful UV rays will take no prisoners and will be penetrating our skin, so remember to be safe, always wear a high SPF sun protection cream and always remember to re-apply your sun screen as per the manufacturers recommendations.

    Spray Tan or self-tan Tan products do not have any UV Filters to stop the sun’s rays from penetrating the skin.  So a safe tan is a sunless one, looks great in shorts and on the beach but just because your skins looks amazingly brown, don’t be fooled and think that you won’t get burnt and damage your skin, be sure to protect the skin you are in.  It is the largest organ and covers your entire body, so protect the whole of your body and include ears, eyelids and tops of your heads and feet.

    The life of a Sunless Spray Tan can be preserved if you choose wisely with your sun creams, look for oil-free protection that will not necessarily break down your spray tan too quickly, causing patching and streaks.  There are so many oil-free sun creams on the market and at Sunless Solution we recommend using these to extend the life of your sunless tan.

    Spray Tanning is the healthy option over a Sun damaging Sun Tan any day, but of course there are a few things to remember.

    1. Always protect your skin with a high OIL-FREE Sun Screen
    2. The Sand will naturally exfoliate your Spray Tan
    3. Chlorine will bleach it, so don’t spend hours in the pool and pat dry when you exit
    4. Exfoliating your spray tan in the shower, using a good body scrub will even out any streaks or patches that have been caused by sun creams, the pool or the sand.



  • Spray Tanning Course - Why is it so important to Attend a Spray Tan Course?

    Spray Tan Course
    Training in spray tanning is a great way to boost your business. Off the cuff buys on the internet and kits from retailers don't give you all that you need to be a success. If you're going to work with clients they are going to want perfect results, no streaks, because they are paying you to do a job. An unhappy customer will soon have your spray tan business on the scrap heap.
    Many details are not thought of by users who just watch a video and then think they are qualified. Troubleshooting is a problem faced by any company in every industry thinkable. Knowing what to do when your spray tan machine is not spraying will obviously be invaluable knowledge. Other elements like health and safety as well is a serious matter being overlooked by these individuals. Contra indications and skin conditions needing preferential treatment can and will be missed, thereby putting your clients at danger.
    Having official training in spray tans will allow you to offer amazing services to your customers. Training on an accredited course will enable you to obtain the correct insurance needed from beauty insurers such as BABTAC. Without this insurance you will not be able to legally practise spray tanning as a business. Should something go wrong you will end up on the wrong side of the law. Not good for business.
    Gaining certificates from leading beauty bodies would look great for both clientele and insurance purposes. Once qualified with the basics of spray tans additional courses can give a larger catalogue of services to offer to your clients. Courses such as 3D tanning, bridal tans and body contouring can widen the spectrum of clients you get as you are offering better and more luxurious treatments.
    Experience gained through carrying out spray tan courses will benefit you and your business in the long run. Buying a kit online will not give you the experience or confidence that you need to spray tan efficiently. Working with tutors, other students and businesses you can already begin to start forming a list of contacts before your business even launches. This priceless asset will give your business the start it needs to become a success in the beauty industry.

  • TS50 Spray Tan Machine - SPECIAL EDITION Diamond Diva!

    The TS50 Spray Tan Machine, BUT ladies this is no ordinary machine, its the Special Edition Diamond Diva, laden with over 11, 000 (YES you read correct, 11K) Diamante Crystals, shining, catching the sunlight as I write this Blog I can fill myself wanting to stroke this beauty because like most of us ladies we all love everything that sparkles, almost drawn to them, I think most of us would admit to being born with bling loving blood running through our veins.Charli Jepson

    Sunless Solutions have taken TS50 spray tan machine and made it a show stopper, star studded tanning machine, it's the 'WAG', the 'TOWIE', the 'Celebrity' edition to spray tanning, call it what you will but I simply love it and I know you will to.

    The TS50 is the top end of tanning machines in my opinion and what better way to capture your clients eye, but have the Crème de la crème of spray tan machines in your salon or mobile business, making you stand out in the crowd.

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  • Spray Tan Machine - W610 Wagner/Aura Sprayers ELITE COMPACT

    Spray Tan Machines - Which one suits you and your business best?

    A common question when starting out in the SPRAY TAN world is which machine would I recommend?  Of course, we love all the machines that we supply because if they didn't deliver they certainly wouldn't be on our website, because I have pride and passion for the industry and equipment we use.

    So over the next few days I wanted to give you my honest and of course my professional opinion on the our range of tanning machines, which hopefully will give you some guidance when buying the perfect machine for you!

    The newest machine to feature at Sunless Solutions is the W610, Elite Compacthvlp610

    W610 Spray Tan Machine pink

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  • Spray Tan Cubicles - TAN IN TENT set to to change the way we Spray Tan

    Spray Tanning is now one of the most frequented treatments in any salon and yes we have come along way with tanning ladies!

    No More orange tones to our Tans, no more dodgy hands or feet, well that's if you using a good barrier cream, spraying correctly and of course buffing your clients hands and feet after spraying them.

    Tan In TentSo everything has been improved as the tanning industry continues to grow, the spray Tan Solutions, the Spray Tan Machines, but why are we still using the wired pop up cubicles? Is this because we still believe there is only still one option out there? Well think again ladies & Gents as Sunless Solutions has designed, developed and Patented the newest technology and have introduced the TAN IN TENT which is already taking the tanning industry by storm! Continue reading

  • Antonia Mariconda - Beauty Blog Workshop

    Antonia Mariconda - Blogging for Success Maricondia

    Meeting the inspirational Antonia Mariconda on Saturday at the Soho Hotel was amazing. An early start to to the day and If I can be really honest I was in two minds to go.. it was early, it was a Saturday and there was an option of having nice lay in but I decided to drag myself out of bed and drive to Ebbsfleet station and speed my way into the hustle and bustle of London and see what I could learn!
    The Soho Hotel was an impressive venue, it made me feel excited and raring to go!
    Upon arrive a hot coffee and a fantastic set of goodies for us to Try, Love and Review, Pens, pads and of course the stunning Antonia!
    10.00am it started promptly and it was nice to hear some background information about Antonia and understand why she changed her career path and the hard work, sheer determination that had lead to her success and of course her quote which I loved....

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  • Sunless Solutions Spray Tan Training Dates

    Want to earn an extra income? Always fancied trying something new?
    Why not become a spray tan therapist, Sunless Solutions will teach you everything about spray tanning from how it is applied, the chemical reaction to how long it will last.

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  • This will change the way you Spray Tan - Tanning Tent

    Sunless Solutions, started as a mobile tanning service by Lisa Young, and has been in the spray tanning industry for almost 15 years. The development of products was not keeping pace with customer’s needs, the next step was to create a range of solutions catering for individual taste, introducing other innovations in equipment over the years.

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  • Spray Tan Training Dates

    Sunless Solutions pride ourselves on the standard of our spray tan education.  To be a good spray tan therapist it all starts with education. Our courses are suitable for people with no prior qualifications in the beauty industry, mums looking for an extra income, hairdressers who want to provide another service.
    Our courses cover everything you need to know about spray tanning from how DHA works on the skin, to the aftercare you need to give your clients so they can help to maximise the life of their spray tan.
    Don't wait any longer it's not too late to book on these courses:

    Held at Capital Hair & Beauty

    Gillingham - 16th June
    Brighton - 16th June
    Bournemouth - 16th June
    Bristol - 16th June

    Charli & the Beauty Factory - 16th June Blackburn

    Capital Hair & Beauty, Kingston - 17th June

    Watch out for other available dates!!


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