Sunless Solutions Reviews

At Sunless Solutions, we pride ourselves on our reputation - we are only as good as the positive comments we receive. From our Solutions and Retail Range to our accredited BABTAC Training, you can be confident in us. Below are some of the comments we have received from happy clients:

"Tanning was something I never thought about. My skin is naturally dark, and although I enjoy going even browner in natural sunlight (who doesn't?), its a treatment that has never been on my radar. Until now...
I went on courses that concentrated on nails and design with the uber talented Miss Charli Jepson at Charli and The Beauty Factory. One of the things she couldn't stop talking about was Sunless Solutions tans. I listened to Charli because of her enthusiasm, honesty and knowledge of the beauty industry in general and she made me look at the idea of tanning as an additional beauty service in another light and I was determined it was something I wanted to learn and get into in the near future.
I attended my course literally within the last few months at Charli and The Beauty Factory. My educator being Claire Black, who  before I even entered the building, asked me what was the best way I learned new things. Why? Because she wanted my day long training to be the most beneficial, time efficient, knowledgeable and fun course that would work for me! And she was spot on. She gave us the relevant information in regards to the products, the process, the do's and don'ts, all the stuff you need to know and more. More importantly she answered all my questions which may have been simple and basic to others (I've no knowledge at all in this field), she answered every question so I got it and didn't make me feel silly.
Claire provided the right balance of information and practical. She made the whole experience fun, and put me totally at ease (I was scared stiff of getting it wrong!). I walked away feeling more informed, more confident and actually excited that this is something I would be doing and getting into. I also knew that even once the course finished, Claire (and Charli) were on hand either by phone, email, Facebook, if I had any queries or questions. The team behind Sunless Solutions have been just as helpful with both providing me with all the tools and tricks to start tanning on a professional basis. If I don't know something or unsure about it, Im not afraid to ask and ask I do (sorry girls!)x
Cannot recommend Sunless enough. Cannot recommend the training enough, the product and the company on a whole. For a non tanning girl to be falling in love with such a brand is down to the people who make it, teach it and fake it!"



"Hi ya Lisa it's Danielle writing my review on training and sunless products I did my training at capital gillingham the trainer Elaine was fantastic gave all information needed she mad everyone feel at ease answered any questions we had she has even been helpful after the training, Lisa has been fab also available on the phone when ever I've needed to ask something she even dropped our kits off to us, Myself and my clients are loving the sunless solution product lovely natural looking tan I even had a lady say to me today that someone had thought I had spray tanned her when she had just got back from holiday,I've started a business page and each client has give a 5* rating on the product I'm a very happy customer"



"I Trained with Sunless Solutions 2 years ago whilst I was living in Hertfordshire, I was so nervous on the day, having been a stay at home mum of four boys for almost 16 years, I was keen to get back into the world of beauty, our trainer on the day was fantastic, we learnt so much practical and theory, she even taught us how to pop the tent up and down safely so we didn't take out light shades or our eyes! We had to practice on each other and I must say, because of the excellent training we all had, everybody left with a gorgeous natural looking spray tan.

I couldn't wait to get started with my new business, we moved to York shortly afterwards and things really took off!! I've now established a very loyal customer base who all love Sunless Solutions just as much as I do, which is a lot! I've had so much good feedback that I could write a book I barely need to advertise as I'm recommended almost everyday and business is booming all year round, I love Tanning and I love Sunless, I wouldn't use any other product and I look forward to a long and happy business relationship with you guys, well done on all the latest new products and the styling, could I possibly love you anymore than I do :D"



"I wanted to say how fab the sunless products are,since training it's the only solution I use. I used to get the 8% and 10% but now have them all including the new rapid tan. The smell is so good it reminds the clients of being on holiday and the new rapid is really lemony fresh perfect for summer tans. Personally I've never had a client say they don't like the result of the sunless tan and only ever positive feedback saying how natural the colours are which means as a small business repeat bookings so win win!! I also love the dare 2 bare,drench 2 quench and love 2 scrub perfect combinations to have for clients and of course myself. Ordering from Lisa is so easy too,thank you sunless."



"Hi I did my training back in March with Lauren Varley, loved it! She was very friendly and very patient and explained products and usage very well.also been very good if I've had any questions and messaged her she always contacts me with help or solutions..

Had great feed back from clients regarding the spray tans all saying they receive great compliments on how natural and good the tan is..

I have tried dare to bear,drench to quench and love to scrub but would love to try out the other products and sample the new retail range as I love the new design..."



"I travelled 7 hours from Devon up to charli and the beauty factory to train with Claire black after charli convinced me this tan was amazing. I've had a few tans before but every one of them made me look orange. Claire could vouch for how 'glow white' my skin is but she tanned me and trained me and I've never been as impressed with a tan as I am with sunless. I had a healthy glow and had so many compliments from friends and colleagues on my tan.

My training was just awesome Claire is such a fab teacher, she explained everything I needed to know and guided me through my first tan. I had never spray tanned anyone before but the equipment and tan were just ace!

I left after my training feeling knowledgeable of the product, things to look out for and how to maintain my equipment to ensure beautiful tans every time. I have come away with confidence in myself I didn't know was there.

It's not just the product that is brilliant the training, after support and customer service when contacting sunless solutions is just amazing. I am very much enjoying my new found career and I am excited by the gorgeous new image sunless has come out with.

I am now well on my way to tanning the residents of the beautiful Devon countryside. Thank you sunless solutions, charli and the beauty factory and Claire black for helping me realise my dreams and potential."



"I did a tanning course with sunless solution and i must say it's the best tan I've ever used.

In the 2 years I have done the tanning iv never had a complaint with any client with the colour/smell/application It makes a change to have a tan that isn't orange and looks lovely and natural with no horrid smell and sprays on lovely.

I will never change to another product it is indeed the best!! And will be looking to sell sunless solution products in my salon."



"I did my training about 2 years ago, and do mobile tanning now all my clients love the tan, as it's so natural looking and fades so well, also the sunless team are very helpful even once you have finished your training if you have any queries they are great !!

Would always recommend I've try many tanning solutions and this is by far the best."



"On the day of my training I had to travel from Weymouth in Dorset (that's about a 2 and a half hour drive). I don't drive myself so a friend offered to bring me. We set off with three children in tow, one under two. The morning of my training was like something you would see in a comedy film, except no one was laughing. The alarms didn't go off (my friend's and mine!), the baby cried for an hour of the journey, we got lost and ended up in Salisbury and to top it off one of the kids was sick all over the back off the car. By the time we got to Melksham to Camilla's salon it's safe to say I was more than a little disheveled. Camilla was so welcoming and calming that I instantly felt better in her company. Introductions were made so we proceeded to sit down and work through the training, I found Camilla to be a fantastic tutor as she explained everything thoroughly from the theory to the spray tanning. She made me feel calm and reassured in her presence, this gave me great confidence within myself. I really enjoyed my experience with Camilla, I'd love to see her again in the future to continue training within the beauty industry. Infact I have already recommended her to a friend who was interested in what I do.

My experience with Sunless Solutions products have also been nothing but positive, firstly the customer service staff are friendly and helpful. The solutions go far, I find I don't have to use a lot of it to do a whole body spray and it is so natural looking. The smell of it as well it lovely, especially the drench to quench lotion. I think I will be buying some for myself personally and for retail as all my clients love it.

On the whole I have had such a positive experience with Sunless Solutions products and their trainers that I am ecstatic I chose to buy their equipment and do my training with them. I am pleased to have found a product that I can use long into the future and I am looking forward to my next order when I will be trying out the rapid solution."



"If you are a lover of spraying tanning or want to get trained in the art of spray tanning,the range you need to choose is SUNLESS SOLUTIONS. I have been spray tanning for 10 years and have used all of the top Brands and SUNLESS SOLUTIONS is by far the best!

What attracted me to the spray tanning company to start with was their coloured machines,did you know their ledgendery pink machine was used by Amy Childs in the first episode of TOWIE!!!

Recently the company have launched some funky customised HVLP spray tanning machines to add to their collection...zebra print and a crystal covered version!

The spray tanning solutions are none orange, none buscuit smelling, long lasting spray tan, with a variety of shades to choose from to vary your colour choice. A Fantastic retail range for your home care use,my personal favourite is SHAKE TO FAKE,the home use tan in can,the product can be used to top up your professional spray tan or you can use from scratch to create the shade you want.

If you are looking to start spray tanning the training with SUNLESS SOLUTIONS is second to none,carried out by specialised Spray tanners you will be taught all the tips and techniques to get on course for embarking on a new career in spray tanning."



"I have completed the Sunless Spray tan course at Capital Hair & Beauty on Monday 13th May with Lynn Brookman.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lynn for a really enjoyable day.  I was able to demonstrate, quickly & with ease how to dismantle the tent and thoroughly enjoyed spray tanning my model.  Lynn was so down to earth and explained everything in detail.  I have finally found a product that suits my skin and most of all it leaves a lovely odour.

I have my own "Tanorama" facebook page and will be designing my website shortly for mobile spray tanning.  I aim to advertise the "Sunless" products.  I have "liked" the sunlesssolutionsofficial facebook page too.

Thank you and here's to a new adventure in spray tanning."