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The Company

Sunless Solutions have been providing Spray Tan Solution aswell as Spray Tan Training and Spray Tan Equipment since 2006. We provide a professional service and we have trained 1000s of new clients to begin their journey in the spray tan industry, helping them to create a successful and profitable business.

Sunless Solutions spray tan products are manufactured to ISO 9000: 2008 quality standards using the latest technology to produce safe products for professional Spray Tan Technicians to use in their Salons or their Mobile Spray Tan business.

The Solution

Our active ingredients are carefully blended using a unique formulation, which produces a luxurious guide colour, then developing into a natural streak free tan. Sunless Solutions products contain a blend of Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) (Link here) and Erythrulose, this combination produces a deep realistic tan which will not streak and increase the wear of your Sunless Tan.

Using only the freshest purest DHA and Erythrulose our tanning base products contains effective moisturising agents to prevent the skin drying out. Sunless Solutions products also contain high quality anti-oxidants, which are reputed to have anti-ageing effects on the skin.

The Results

Our Professional Spray Tan Solution formulations also provide a unique viscosity, which helps to prevent overspray. The colour guide/bronzer is delivered in the form of a natural looking guide colour so that you will have an instant tan appearance whilst your colour develops. Our Special ingredients ensures a lasting even colour with excellent drying time.

  • Non-sticky
  • Fast developing
  • Fragranced to prevent “the fake tan smell”
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fast Drying
  • Effective Moisturisation
  • Not Streaky
  • Long Lasting
  • Only fresh ingredients used

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South East

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What people are saying about Sunless-Solutions

  • Amy Allen Avatar
    Amy Allen

    Have previously used tan truth and crazy angel and this has topped it!

    Started off just with the tanning mousse, using the rapid one, goes on easily with any mitt... read more  - 5/02/2018

    Shannon Barden Avatar
    Shannon Barden

    Had my tanning course this morning with Lisa and I am really happy with the training and how welcome she makes you carnt believe how quick I learnt the... read more  - 4/30/2018

    Ashleigh Smith Avatar
    Ashleigh Smith

    Had my tanning course with Lisa today and absolutely over the moon with the training and how at ease she makes u feel the products and the rebranding makes it... read more  - 4/30/2018

    Shani Anne Waites Avatar
    Shani Anne Waites

    I trained today with Lisa from Sunless Solutions, she was so down to earth and friendly, I couldn’t believe how quickly I picked up the technique. Cannot wait to start... read more  - 4/19/2018

  • Stacy Cranfield Avatar
    Stacy Cranfield

    Loved my spray tan. Lisa was lovely!!! Will definitely be coming back �  - 4/19/2018

    Kimberley Jackson Avatar
    Kimberley Jackson

    Lovely lady who is very professional and pleasant.

    Always have had a lovely looking tan from coming here and would never go elsewhere!  - 4/18/2018

    Samantha Isitt Avatar
    Samantha Isitt

    Would highly recommend lisa young and sunless solutions, naturally beautiful results everytime! ,i cannot stand being so pale an look forward two the next... absolutely love it thank u! Xx  - 4/18/2018

    Katie Dolly Johnson Avatar
    Katie Dolly Johnson

    I have used sunless soloutions for years. It’s never failed me. It’s the best product on the market. Flawless tanning each and every time. The colour is natural for a... read more  - 4/18/2018

  • Beccy Glo Tan York Avatar
    Beccy Glo Tan York

    First of all great customer service! I can’t recommend them enough..in fact I have recommended y tanning friends to also purchase some and they love it too! This solution is... read more  - 4/16/2018

    Stefanie SprayTan Avatar
    Stefanie SprayTan

    I trained with Sunless 8 years ago, my HVLP 5008 has never let me down and the solution is the best on the market - in my opinion! Lovely colour,... read more  - 4/14/2018

    Kerrie Bonathan Avatar
    Kerrie Bonathan

    The spray tan blow up tent is amazing! I have had mine now for over 4 years and it's still doing great, i honestly couldn't fault it, so much better... read more  - 1/31/2018

    Hollie Gordon Avatar
    Hollie Gordon

    I trained with this company 8 years ago! My gun is still going strong just had to get one part replaced out of all the time I’ve had it which... read more  - 1/09/2018

  • Donna Richardson Avatar
    Donna Richardson

    Love the rapid tan, best one i've used. Lisa went out of her way for me. its customer service like this and a good quality product that makes me want... read more  - 11/14/2017

    Pat Lane Avatar
    Pat Lane

    I wouldn't use any other spray tan, amazing results, not only do I my spray tans done but I also use their self tan range. Amazing results  - 11/04/2017

    Tracy Priest Avatar
    Tracy Priest

    I have been spray tanning for 10years+ and this solution is the best by far. The smell, colour and staying power of the tan are all amazing my clients absolutely... read more  - 11/03/2017

    Hannah Usher Avatar
    Hannah Usher

    All the products are amazing quality and do not fail to impress!!! Lisa has done my spray tan for a while now and it always looks amazing, can't fault her... read more  - 11/02/2017

  • Kelly Griffin Avatar
    Kelly Griffin

    I love love love these products! Beautiful natural tan for all skin tones. Goes on like a dream and wonderful results. Highly recommend  - 11/02/2017

    Amy Davis Avatar
    Amy Davis

    Tried all the solutions but use the 10% and Rapid is the best. My clients love it and I do too! The best tan on the market!  - 1/23/2017

    Claire Davis Avatar
    Claire Davis

    Just bought some rapid tan and absolutely love it! So quick and easy. Ordered one day received the next. Thank you. X  - 1/23/2017

    John Vale Avatar
    John Vale

    I was in the process of setting up a Tanning and Beauty Salon in Fuerteventura, I came across Sunless solutions and Lisa's details on line and decided to contact her... read more  - 1/25/2016

  • Marie Jordan Avatar
    Marie Jordan

    Ordered my sunless solution and am very happy with it

    Lisa was very helpful and advised me well

    Can't wait to get my next order X  - 1/21/2016

    Caroline Stark Avatar
    Caroline Stark

    Absolutely in love with the products - much like my clients are!! The training and support I received was second to none and I am a massive fan of the... read more  - 1/21/2016

    Rachael Hafner Avatar
    Rachael Hafner

    I love this product and have been using it for over 2yrs now I can't be without a can as it makes my skin glow with just a little spray... read more  - 1/21/2016

    Emily Foster Avatar
    Emily Foster

    Amazing customer service! Cannot wait to try out my sample!

    Thank you! 😀  - 4/16/2015

  • Karen Pullen Avatar
    Karen Pullen

    Won the Rapid Tan in the...Who's hand is this...can't wait to use this as I've heard such great comments about it and if it's as good as the others it'll... read more  - 10/08/2014

    Lena Queen Avatar
    Lena Queen

    Thank you so much to Diane for our fun spray tanning course in Crawley today 🙂 Diane made learning fun! Have learnt so much about this product. Amazing  - 10/05/2014

    Mark Cressey Avatar
    Mark Cressey

    Excellent products and excellent customer services xx  - 10/01/2014

    Lauren Tayler Avatar
    Lauren Tayler

    Amazing, natural, safe tanning what more could you want !!

    Never had any issues when using the wonderful Sunless Solutions  - 9/27/2014

  • Gill Boyle Avatar
    Gill Boyle

    Best tan I've ever had! The products for enhancing & prolonging are amazing too! I want one every week for the rest of my life!! Xxxx  - 8/04/2014

    Heather Crookes Avatar
    Heather Crookes

    I had fantastic training with lisa. Knowledgeable and friendly. I love the sunless solutions range and although I have only just started tanning the few customers I have so far... read more  - 7/07/2014

    Nicola Tremain Avatar
    Nicola Tremain

    Fab training with Charli Jepson, amazing product & customer service!! Me & my clients love my crystal machine, it's stunning! Sunless Solutions Rock 🙂 xx  - 6/19/2014

    Laura Cox Avatar
    Laura Cox

    Would like to say thank you to my trainer Kirsty who I did my training with on Saturday! She was very fun to train with and very helpful with all... read more  - 5/01/2014

  • Danielle Howes Avatar
    Danielle Howes

    So happy did my training today so impressed with my trainer Tracey she made me feel so relaxed and she's a very good trainer deffo recommended for training and buying... read more  - 5/01/2014

    Joni Mcnicholas Avatar
    Joni Mcnicholas

    Best tanning product I have come across. Excellent training. Joni's Beauty Box is very happy to be teaming up with Sunless Solutions xxx  - 4/29/2014

    Ellie Bradford Avatar
    Ellie Bradford

    Would just like to say a massive thank you to my educator i had for my training course (Kirsty Lakin) i had great fun learning and watching about the spray... read more  - 4/27/2014

    Charmayne White Avatar
    Charmayne White

    Fiona Harrison has just given me a fab tan! Love love love it!  - 4/17/2014

  • Sarah Arnold Avatar
    Sarah Arnold

    Had a great day at the course I've just done first spray tan on my own lol xx  - 4/14/2014

    Emma Andy Richardson Avatar
    Emma Andy Richardson

    Had a great day on your course can't wait to get spraying ! Thank you x  - 4/14/2014

    Shannen Armstrong Avatar
    Shannen Armstrong

    Love it!! Best fake tan I've ever used  - 4/11/2014

    Michelle Nye Avatar
    Michelle Nye

    Absolutely amazing product and Lisa the trainer was faultless I now feel ready to start tanning xxx  - 3/24/2014

  • Maria North Avatar
    Maria North

    Did my training course today with a lovely lady, Lisa and met some nice ladies too. Really enjoyed the course, learnt a lot in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. Looking... read more  - 3/24/2014

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Sunless Solutions was used by Biller Piper in the Secret Diaries of a Call Girl

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Sunless Solutions was used and is featured in the current Version of City and Guilds Level 3 Advanced Beauty & Spa Therapy
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spray it

Spray to perfection with a choice of colours from our Professional Spray Tan Range, self tan and Spray Tan Machines

fake it

The colour is far from Fake, just a natural, flawless looking professional spray tan, in a choice of colours to suit every skin tone

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Once you have tried the Sunless Solutions range you will simply love the colour and how it wears on the skin you will never look back